Honor 10 VS OnePlus 6: Is Honor the new OnePlus?

Honor 10 VS OnePlus 6: Is Honor the new OnePlus?

In a market in which catalog leaders easily exceed 1,000 dollars, and in which others are about to cross the barrier, selling the good product at a better price is essential. Especially for users who are looking for a free phone, without the financing facilities offered by mobile operators when they fall into their catalogs. That’s where OnePlus has been moving like a fish in the water for years. Without massive sales but with a faithful audience, which has been increasing little by little with each generation.

But now it seems that OnePlus may have emerged a powerful competitor who plays the same as him, but who does it in a more economical way. It is Honor, and its last Honor 10 is so even with the new OnePlus 6 that, except for the pure love of a follower, can cause many to decide between one and the other. So we have brought both brands here to answer a simple but complex question. Is Honor the new OnePlus?

Let’s see

Product against product, Honor 10 VS OnePlus 6

Now we will enter into the matter, analyze the strategies of each other, the sources of those who drink at the time of building and designing, and their different pricing policies, in addition to distributors and company. This is the cold comparison between the Honor 10 and the OnePlus 6. The data, one next to the other, to verify that, in essence, both phones play in the same league. They are direct competitors.

SCREEN 5.84 inch LCD
Aspect 19: 9
FullHD + at 2.280 x 1.080
Gorilla Glass
AMOLED 6.28 inches
Aspect 19: 9
FullHD + at 2.280 x 1.080
Gorilla Glass 5
Eight cores at 2.4GHz
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
Eight cores at 2.8GHz
GPU Mali G72 MP12 Adreno 630
RAM 4GB / 6GB 6GB / 8GB
MEMORY 64GB / 128GB 64GB / 128GB / 256GB
Memories UFS 2.1
REAR CAMERA 16 megapixels f / 1.8
24 megapixels b / n
Intelligent stabilization
Dual Flash LED
Video 4K @ 30fps
16 megapixels f / 1.7
20 megapixels f / 1.7
Optical stabilization
Electronic stabilization
Dual Flash LED
Video 4K @ 60fps
HD video @ 480fps
FRONT CAMERA 24 megapixels f / 2.0
Video FullHD @ 30fps
16 megapixels f / 2.0
Electronic stabilization
Video FullHD @ 30fps
BATTERY 3,400 mAh
Fast Charge Super Charge
3,300 mAh
Fast Charge Dash Charge
CONNECTIVITY 4G category 16 to 1Gbps
WiFi n / ac
Bluetooth 4.2
4G category 16 to 1Gbps
WiFi 2×2 MIMO
WiFi n / ac
GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo
Bluetooth 5.0
OTHERS Front fingerprint reader
USB type C
Rear fingerprint reader
USB type C
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 149.6 x 71.2 x 7.7 mm
153 grams
155.7 x 75.4 x 7.75 mm
177 grams
VERSIONS AND PRICES 4GB and 64GB: ₹ 26,999
4GB and 128GB: ₹ 32,999
6GB and 64GB: ₹ 33,999*
8GB and 128GB: ₹ 37,999*
8GB and 256GB: ₹ 42,999*

When you pour everything into the saucepan and play with the price

Honor 10 VS OnePlus 6

We can say, without fear of making mistakes that, except for certain nuances, both Honor and OnePlus have put on the table the best of their respective houses. We can talk about if one has 6GB of RAM or if the other offers 24 megapixels of the camera for blurs, although it comes specialized for black and white. In essence, both phones are two very similar catalog leaders with their small and logical differences.

Like 0.30 inches in the screen size, which however makes the density play in favor of Honor, or as one mount Qualcomm while the other bet on Kirin, manufactured at home. Brains, photography, battery and even design. Even design, with glass bodies with the same inherited failure: none takes advantage to place wireless charge to that internal battery.

[bs-quote quote=”The two phones are very even, and both offer a power differential as tiny as hard to appreciate.” style=”style-13″ align=”right” author_name=”Vaibhav Mishra” author_job=”Chief Editor: TechGIndia” author_avatar=”https://www.techgindia.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/techgindia.jpg” author_link=”https://www.facebook.com/onntech”][/bs-quote]

In front of the new OnePlus 6, Honor places its recent Honor 10, which takes a little more time but is already international in its own right. And he does it by playing the same thing that OnePlus has played for years. To offer more in exchange for less. Except that in the case of Honor, it does a little better. The Honor 10, for example, part of ₹ 26,999 against ₹ 33,999* of the OnePlus 6. Even its superior version, the 4GB, and 128GB cost only ₹ 32,999. ₹ 1,000* less than the cheaper version than the OnePlus 6.

And deep down, both phones play the same. To extralarge screens with eyebrow to take the panel as far as possible, glass bodies with striking colors and a photographic competition in which each uses their best weapons. Optical zoom and blur, against blur supported by artificial intelligence and black and white photographs. A matter of taste on both sides because, at the moment of truth, both belong to the high photographic leagues.

Even in the way they operate they look alike. With a OnePlus that hides its dependence on OPPO and Vivo behind a curtain of apparent independence, despite the fact that they are all part of BBK and that it is enough to look to OPPO to know what OnePlus will present months later. Or with Honor, independent of Huawei but still drinking its components and configurations. Honor 10 is no longer a Huawei P20 with some detail-less, but with many identical components that are more brothers than cousins.

[bs-quote quote=”Before OnePlus played only online, but that has also changed. The battle between both companies also moves to the store.” style=”default” align=”left”][/bs-quote]

In terms of distribution, OnePlus was only online but recently also began to partner with physical distributors, where Honor is also present. And the competition moves, therefore, at the foot of the store. A user can have each of the phones in one hand and another and feel doubts because it is logical to have them. Minimum differences in practically everything except the price and this is where Honor can win. And eye, the eye with the Mi 7 that could also come under the OnePlus 6.

OnePlus is still one of the cheapest flagship manufacturers in the international market, but it was the cheapest before and now it is not anymore. Honor may be playing that card better than OnePlus itself, partly because there are several generations of OnePlus that have been raising the barrier of entry. It will be seen who takes the cat to the water in terms of models sold, but the competition is more equal than ever in these ‘cheap catalog leaders‘, without this sounding contemptuous. Will Honor win? Of course, part with a better price. Let’s see if later it translates into better sales, the user decides.

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