We tested the GPU Turbo, the update that will soon boost your smartphone Honor or Huawei

60% more efficient, 30% more economical. This is the promise of the Turbo GPU, a technology created by Huawei and Honor to maximize the performance of our smartphones. Without changing anything in the hardware, the mission of the mode is to improve the graphics of games or resource-hungry applications, while trying the feat to preserve the autonomy of our devices.

[bs-quote quote=”After the GPU Turbo update, the device finishes the first half hour at 96%, which is Great.” style=”default” align=”center”][/bs-quote]

While waiting for its gradual availability in the coming weeks, we were able to preview the GPU Turbo mode on an Honor 10, equipped with the Kirin 970 processor.

Smoother games, but a boiling phone

Once the update was installed on the Honor 10, we tried some particularly energy-hungry games, like PUBG Mobile or Riptide GP. First observation: everything is not perfect. We shoot on average around 29 FPS, which is, let’s face it, pretty good. But the smartphone occasionally tests a few lags.

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More annoying, it heats up very quickly. After 5 to 6 minutes, the glass is hot and the use of a shell is only advisable. In short, no magic here, the Kirin 970 still has its limits.

At the level of autonomy, however, there is clearly the best. On an Honor 10 without GPU Turbo, 30 minutes of PUBG Mobile dropped the device from 100% to 91%. After the update, the device finishes the first half hour at 96%. Software optimization is very successful here. The device has only consumed very little despite the resources required by a network game.

Lightweight performance boost

In use, the Turbo GPU, therefore, brings better performance to the Honor 10, especially in terms of autonomy. To check if the performances were really better, we submitted the device to a series of benchmarks before and after updating, to see if there was an evolution. Good news, the smartphone does better with the Turbo GPU. Bad news, we are very far from a revolution.

Of course, the benchmarks are only theoretical. Speaking of a 60% improvement, Honor is actually more general and speaks mostly about how the smartphone optimizes CPU / GPU consumption. The device manages the data better and therefore consumes less energy for an equal task, even more demanding.


In other words, the Turbo GPU devices brand is a welcome novelty, which will not revolutionize the mobile video game. Let’s welcome the decision of Honor and Huawei to include all its current users, and not to reserve the mode to the latest smartphones.
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Available in August on Honor 10, Huawei P20 or Huawei Mate 10, the GPU Turbo mode will be distributed through a free update of EMUI. Deployment on older aircraft will continue until November.
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