Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google’s driverless car service Waymo’s vehicle was set on fire

An interesting event took place in San Francisco, USA last weekend. The driverless car developed by Waymo, the automotive company under the umbrella of Google, and providing taxi services on the city’s roads, was set on fire. Images of Waymo being set on fire are on social media shared.

According to an eyewitness, people were setting off fireworks on Jackson Street in San Francisco to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Meanwhile, an electric Jaguar I-Pace operated by Waymo entered the street. While the driverless car was waiting for the crowd to disperse, someone jumped on the hood of the car and broke the windshield.

It was stated that while people on skateboards broke the glass, some of them drew something on the car, and then the events became a little more violent. An eyewitness described the situation as follows: “Then someone ignited fireworks under the car. Nothing happened, but the loud noise was enough to drive many people away, including me. “I’m not sure what happened next, but from what I understand, fireworks were ignited inside the car and smoke started billowing about 30 seconds before the flames appeared.”

The fire department arrived at the scene a few minutes after Waymo’s car started burning. It is also possible to see the images on the car in the images recorded during the first intervention. In addition, the images shared later by the San Francisco Fire Department also make it possible to take a closer look at the car.

Driverless Waymo taxis are being tested in three cities

It was stated that there was no passenger in the driverless Waymo car at the time of the incident. Waymo’s cars are being tested in Los Angeles and Phoenix, USA, as well as in San Francisco.

Danish Kapoor