Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google Maps will show entrances to buildings

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Sometimes it can be as difficult to find an address as it is to find the entrance to the building at that address. It looks like Google Maps will soon find a solution to this problem. The application will show users the entrances and exits of buildings. Testing of the feature in question has already started. However, only a limited number of users can experience this feature.

As part of the test, users can also see the entrance locations after zooming in on the map and selecting a building. It is stated here that the entries are marked with a white circle or a green arrow. While it is not known whether the symbols represent a difference, selected buildings are shown in red. This makes it easier to separate the building from its surroundings.

The feature in question does not seem to be working completely smoothly yet. Testers note that the entrance locations of some buildings are shown incorrectly on the map. It seems likely that Google is also collecting information while it is in the testing phase.

Google Maps gains new features regularly

Google regularly adds new features to its navigation application. Finally, “directions that can be viewed more easily during navigation” were introduced.

Danish Kapoor