New patent suggests that we could see a future iPhone with Apple Pencil

Apple company would be considering launching an iPhone with Apple Pencil. Or at least that’s what we can see in one of his most recent patents, where you can see that Apple is actively working on a handwriting recognition system. This raises the clear possibility that someday users can enter text by typing words on their iPhone or iPad screen, instead of touching letters on a virtual keyboard.

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According to CultOfMac, although the patent was registered in February 2014, the United States Patent Office recently published it. The patent is titled ‘Real-time management of handwriting recognition‘ and aims to bring handwriting recognition to the iPad and iPhone.

Apple Pencil: Recognition of writing on the iPhone

According to the text of the patent, the idea is to provide handwriting recognition in real time, with stroke order and direction of movement in a user device. In addition, the document states that said recognition may support several languages, including Chinese.

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Although for now, it is not clear how this patent will work or if at some point it will be applied to the devices, some say it could mark the arrival of the Apple Pencil to the iPhone. Even, CultOfMac ensures that the patent covers the use of a finger or a stylus like the Apple Pencil, so it would not be so far-fetched to think about that idea.

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