Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Elon Musk admits his posts caused financial harm to the X platform

Elon Musk, one of the undisputed leaders of the technology industry, recently admitted in a statement that his own social media posts could financially harm the X platform he owns (formerly known as Twitter). This statement was made public in the context of a lawsuit and had wide repercussions in the industry. During the statement, Musk also stated that he had limited information about the details of the case regarding the platform.

At the center of the case are conspiracy theories shared by Musk on social media that unfairly portray a particular individual in a fight. These posts by Musk constitute one of the cornerstones of the legal process. The relevant case is based on the allegation that Musk damaged his personal reputation by providing misinformation among the public.

Confessions from Elon Musk on the financial health of the X platform

During the interrogation during the lawsuit, Musk evaluated the effects of his acquisition of the X platform and his subsequent active participation in this platform on the financial situation of the company. Although Musk stated that there was no change in posting habits before and after the purchase, he acknowledged that this attitude may have harmed the platform. Musk said, “I may have hurt the company more financially, but I direct my posts based on things I find interesting, important or entertaining for the public, not for financial gain.” said.

Musk stated that he experienced some confusion during the interrogations during the case process, especially regarding the reasons and details of the case. He also suggested that the case may have been a quest for financial gain for himself. Another notable confession from Musk was that he was active on social media under the username @ermnmusk, taking on the role of his younger son. This account has also been examined by various media outlets in the past.

The case centers on a series of posts Musk made last summer that spread across social media falsely linking an individual to a far-right conspiracy theory. This sparked a social media storm that directly affected the safety and reputation of the individual concerned. Musk contributed to the spread of this misconception by promoting conspiracy theories falsely accusing the person in question on social media.

Danish Kapoor