Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

El Corte Inglés has on offer the Apple AirPods that I have been using for years and that I have not changed for any other Bluetooth headphones

Whether you have not yet tried all the benefits of these headphones or if the ones you already have are saying goodbye because of their batteries, this is one of the best offers you can find to get some AirPods. The second generation Now they are on sale again at El Corte Inglés; You have them for 119 euros, as usual, with free shipping.

Buy the second generation AirPods at the best price

Airpods 2

With the matched offer on Amazon and MediaMarkt, you can get Apple’s basic headphones for about 30 euros less, at 119 euros instead of the usual 149. El Corte Inglés also offers free shipping or free in-store pickup.

We talk about AirPods second generationthe most basic model in Apple’s current range, headphones true wireless that serve both to listen to music or content and to talk on the phone hands-free, thanks to its built-in microphones.

With an in-ear design with a pin, these AirPods do not have silicone pads, and come with a charging case (not wireless in the case of those in this offer); a case that is charged using the hitherto usual lightning cable from Apple.

They offer 5 hours of autonomy from the headphones, and even 24 hours counting on the extra charges provided by the case. Said charging is also fast, offering 3 extra hours just by leaving the headphones inside for 15 minutes.

They have the W11 chipwhich allows easy and transparent pairing and also has a proximity sensor, which detects when we have them on and connects or disconnects the headphones depending on it, and touch control.

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Danish Kapoor