Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

DJI's new entry-level drone Mini 4K is on the market

DJI has added a new one to its innovations in drone technology. Designed especially for those who are new to drone piloting, Mini 4K stands out with its affordable price and user-friendly features. This model, which is quite affordable from the Mini Pro series with its international price tag of $ 299, draws attention as the newest member of DJI's drone family.

Features of DJI Mini 4K

Mini 4K weighs 249 grams and has a foldable structure. With this feature, the drone is easy to carry and does not require FAA registration. The product is capable of recording video at 30 fps at 4K resolution and 60 fps at 2.7K resolution. It supports video bitrates up to 100Mbps, ensuring high-quality video capture in both adjustment modes.

Mini 4K is equipped with essential features designed especially for beginner users. Features such as 2x digital zoom during 4K recording, 3-axis gimbal and electrical image stabilization are included in this model. According to DJI, the drone can transmit 1080p video up to 10 kilometers away. Additionally, Mini 4K, which has level-5 wind resistance, offers up to 31 minutes of flight time on a single charge. DJI's $449 'Fly More' package includes two extra batteries and an independent charger, and with this package, the total flight time of the drone can be increased to 93 minutes.

Mini 4K offers one-touch gestures and features for users to fly with ease. Functions such as helix, drone and panoramic shooting support are included in this model. If you're a complete drone novice, DJI's companion app includes flight tutorials and features like one-touch takeoff and landing.

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Danish Kapoor