Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Copilot service for OneDrive is coming from Microsoft

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Microsoft shared some information about Copilot, its new tool developed for OneDrive and equipped with artificial intelligence technologies. This innovation, which is planned to be available in late April, will allow users to manage their files much more efficiently. Copilot will take on the role of a research assistant with its capabilities to find, summarize and extract information from a wide range of files such as text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, HTML pages, PDF files and more.

This move by Microsoft is seen as part of OneDrive’s integration with artificial intelligence. The company announced the third generation of its cloud storage service last fall, promising that AI technology would make file searching easier and intelligently summarize and organize documents. Users will be able to turn to Copilot to quickly find tax documents or summarize a boring PowerPoint presentation at work.

Thanks to its natural language processing capabilities, Copilot will be able to answer users’ very specific questions about their files. Examples provided by Microsoft include functions such as compiling a week’s worth of beverage sales into a table by day or listing the pros and cons of a project. Users will even be able to get advice from Copilot on how to improve their documents.

microsoft onedrive copilot

Additionally, Copilot will have the ability to create drafts, tables, and lists based on existing files for users. Will be able to perform operations such as creating a draft for a sales proposal presentation to a new customer, preparing a table containing name, current title, years of experience, educational background and current location for selected resumes.

Microsoft will begin rolling out Copilot’s features to OneDrive users later this month. Users will be able to add an AI-generated summary before sharing a Microsoft Word document, and recipients will be able to read the summary in their email before opening the document.

Copilot will be accessible via OneDrive on the web and the file viewer in Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint for business and school customers with a Microsoft 365 Copilot license. This innovation stands out as one of Microsoft’s innovative steps in the field of artificial intelligence, offering users the opportunity to work smarter and faster on documents.

Danish Kapoor