Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Chinese rival of Apple AirPods is on the market with OLED display

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Although Apple patented an idea of ​​placing a touch screen in the charging box for the AirPods series in 2021, this innovation has not come to life in products until now. However, in pursuit of rapid competition and constant innovation in the technology world, Chinese manufacturers left the Cupertino-based technology giant behind and produced an AirPods Pro clone with an OLED screen.

The promotional video of this new product quickly spread on the internet and is highly anticipated by users. Thanks to the screen placed on the charging box, users can now access functions such as noise canceling, finding the headset, and equalizer settings directly from the box. Moreover, it is possible to instantly view information such as battery level, time and Bluetooth connection status on the screen.

Innovations and functions offered by the OLED display charging box

The main purpose of this screen, highlighted in Apple's patent, is to enable users to control their wireless headphones more easily and to eliminate existing disadvantages. This feature, created by the Chinese manufacturer based on a similar concept, promises to take the experience of AirPods users to a new dimension.

But each new feature presents controversial pros and cons for users. On the one hand, being able to browse information such as music and battery status on the charging case is certainly an innovative experience, but on the other hand, it is questionable whether you need a box with a screen to access this information.

Although the control interface on the charging case is striking at first glance, basic functions such as song selection and playback can already be done from the AirPods themselves. AirPods, which can be controlled with gestures, touch commands and Siri, can make intervention with the box or phone unnecessary.

However, more interaction and control options can enrich the user experience. The presence of a built-in equalizer makes it easier to adjust sound settings according to personal preferences, while accessing battery level information directly via the charging box provides an advantage for users in terms of practicality.

In addition, displaying emergency contact information on the charging case for AirPods placed in lost mode stands out as a useful feature in case of loss. Apple can take this concept even further and add storage to the charging case. Thus, it may be possible for users to use AirPods and its box as a standalone music player.

As a result, the race and search for innovation in the technology world reveals itself once again with this fake product created by a Chinese manufacturer based on Apple's patent. AirPods Pro clone with OLED screen promises to offer users a new alternative with its intriguing features and ease of use.

Danish Kapoor