Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Changes to virtual window placement on Meta Quest VR headsets

The Meta Quest VR headset allows for free placement of virtual windows, just like the Apple Vision Pro. Multi-window multitasking has been a part of Meta Horizon OS for a few years now, but currently only supports three virtual windows placed side by side.

The feature in question came to light thanks to a video shared by an X user with the nickname “Lunayian.” The feature was seen on version 67 of the Meta Quest Public Test Channel.

This feature brings the Quest 3 a step closer to Apple’s spatial computing when used in mixed reality mode, but judging by the video, it doesn’t seem to work quite the same way. You can move up to three windows from 2D apps, like the browser, or operating system windows like your library and settings, freely around your space, while keeping the other three windows static.

Other demos suggest that windows will only remember their placement within a limited distance, and will return to their default positions if you change orientation or reset the view.

The update also allows you to switch between curved and flat windows and a dimmer that reduces the brightness of virtual environments when using 2D applications.

Productivity stands out in Meta Quest 3 ads

Apple Vision Pro lets you move windows around the area you’re in and keep the windows locked in place even as you move and remove the headset. This way, you can have a window next to your refrigerator and a window next to your TV in your living room, and then move back and forth to the windows as if they were real objects.

Productivity is currently at the forefront of Meta Quest 3 advertising, and this new feature could make the VR headset even more powerful when it comes to productivity.

Danish Kapoor