Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Brand new mobile and being asked to update is a hassle. Apple has a solution… without opening the box

You buy a brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max and you find that as soon as you turn it on and configure it, an annoying warning appears: you need to update the software.

This complaint is common among Apple cell phone users, but the company has just discovered an ingenious way to avoid the problem. One that allows the new iPhone to be updated without opening the box and get them out of it.

This was indicated by Mark Gurman in his Bloomberg newsletter, called Power On. There he explained that Apple has been working for some time on a system that allows stores to update iPhones wirelessly without removing them from the box.

The system makes use of a device in the form of a small tablet on which store employees can place boxes of new, unopened iPhones.

From there a remarkable process occurs: the tablet detects the unopened box with the iPhone inside, turns it on wirelessly, executes the update and sends the signal to turn off again.

It is likely that for this process Apple will make use of Bluetooth LE technology, the same whose signals allow it to provide the “Find My” service with which it is possible to find a missing iPhone even when the phone is turned off: energy use is minimal, and allows these types of options.

According to Gurman data, this technology will reach stores before the end of the year, and with it it will be possible to guarantee that users who buy an iPhone they always find it updated with the latest version of iOS and with possible security patches also applied. In addition, this saves the user from having to download these updates—some of them large—and wait for them to be installed.

Danish Kapoor