Beats Studio 3 Wireless, Review: an automatic mode of noise reduction a little superfluous?

As the name suggests, the Studio 3 Wireless takes over from Studio 2 Wireless, Beats’ circum-aural noise reduction headphones. The manufacturer persists in the all-plastic design, which will appeal to some and rebuff others by its “toy” aspect. Be that as it may, the headphone is robust and comfortable, despite a hard hoop. Foldable but a bit bulky, it comes with a carrying case, a USB charging cable and an audio cable with remote control.

The novelties are mostly inside with first of all the integration of the Apple W1 chip, already present on the Solo3 Wireless. Just turn on the headset the first time and approach an iPhone or iPad to make it sound like magic in Bluetooth. For this, the mobile device must have iOS 10 or 11. Otherwise, it is necessary to go through a standard pairing, for example for Android models, which poses no particular problem.

A reducer supposed to adapt to the environment

The other novelty is the now “smart” noise reducer. It analyzes the sound environment in real time and adapts according to use at home or on the plane. The reduction is fairly effective but does not equal that of the famous Bose QuietComfort 35. It is also regrettable that the activation of this function is not more explicit: you press the on / off button twice and you hear just two notes. A voice message would have been welcome.

Listening, the sound is round and warm, which is appreciable. On the other hand, it lacks a little treble. The noise reduction does not affect the audio reproduction but we found the presence of background noise when there is no music. As for the possible modification of the level of reduction depending on whether we walk on the street or that we are on the subway, it did not really jump to our ears.

The battery must be charged, even wired

The Studio 3 Wireless is a durable headphone that provides over 24 hours of battery life. And if we do not use the noise reducer, the autonomy exceeds 44 hours. However, it is important not to fall out of battery because the headset then emits no sound, whether connected Bluetooth but also … wired!

Orders too discreet

As on the Solo 3 Wireless, the controls are placed on the left earpiece. The circular part with the logo “b” of the manufacturer sinks for the control of the reading, even to answer a telephone call since the headphone offers a function of hands-free kit.

The volume is adjusted by pressing the top or bottom of the outer circle. But for lack of embossed marking, it is necessary to a little fumble not to be mistaken function.

The Verdict of the Review

The Studio 3 Wireless is a high-end headphone, satisfying both its sound quality and its noise reduction function. It is regrettable, however, that Beats persists in its all-plastic design and that the reducer has not progressed sufficiently in terms of noise reduction, still far from achieving the effectiveness of the Bose QC35. A manual adjustment at several levels would have been appreciated, in addition to the automatic mode, perfectible. However, there is a good chance that this headset appeals to fans of the beats, if they have the means to pay … 25,900 INR

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Omar Belkaab

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