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Danish Kapoor

ASUS ROG Ally X introduced: Powerful performance with a renewed portable gaming device

ASUS continues its leadership in the portable gaming device market with ROG Ally X. Despite some problems experienced in the first model, ROG Ally won the appreciation of game lovers with its strong performance. Now, nearly a year later, ASUS has significantly revamped this device, delivering a product that lives up to expectations.

Although ROG Ally X is not a complete continuation of the original model, it is an important innovation. Just like Nintendo did for the Switch in 2019, this model can be considered a mid-term update. ASUS has made many important changes to increase the capabilities of the new model.

Although Ally X continues to use the same Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor and 7-inch 120Hz LCD screen, it is stated that almost every aspect of the system has been improved. Inside, the battery capacity has been increased from 40Wh to 80Wh. This change significantly increases the battery life of the device.

Storage capacity has also been doubled to 1TB M.2 SSD. Compared to the 512GB storage found in the previous model, this is a big improvement. Additionally, thanks to the full-size 2280 module, there are many third-party options available for those looking to add a larger drive.

Memory has also received a significant increase to 24GB LPDDR5X 75000 RAM. This improves the overall performance of the device, providing a smoother gaming experience. The cooling system was also renewed and equipped with a new fan system that is 23 percent smaller but provides 24 percent better air flow.

These changes in performance and battery life greatly improve the user experience of the device. But ASUS didn't stop there. Ally X draws attention with its new black exterior and more prominent handles. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly design with ergonomic key placement.

In the new model, the D-Pad, which was numb and spongy in the previous model, has been given a more sensitive and sensitive structure. ASUS aimed to increase durability and provide faster response by using stiffer springs instead of Hall Effect joysticks. At the back, there are smaller rear pedals that make it harder to accidentally press them.

ASUS ROG Ally X sees innovations in terms of port options

Additionally, ASUS has replaced its own XG mobile connector with a second USB-C port. This port is fast enough for external GPU use thanks to USB 4 and Thunderbolt 4 support. The other port can be used for charging or other wired accessories.

All these innovations show that ASUS has finally presented the anticipated portable gaming device with ROG Ally X. The larger battery solves one of the biggest problems with the previous model and allows the device to run longer when playing modern games. The addition of the second USB-C port increases the versatility of the device, allowing it to be used as a desktop computer.

All in all, ASUS has taken a significant step forward in the portable gaming device market with ROG Ally X. While competitors like Lenovo are still developing their first models, ASUS is introducing a second-generation device in this space. Ally Original model in Turkey Prices around 20-25 thousand TL selling. In this case, we can expect the new X model to come at a price of around 30 thousand TL.

ROG Ally We expect this console to come to Turkey in the coming months.

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Danish Kapoor