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Come September 12, 2018, and Apple is once again ready to rock the world with its amazing line of updated products. This time, all eyes seem to be on Apple Watch Series 4. There is not something that is being updated but as per news sources, a lot is being updated this time in Apple Watch 4.

The first image of the Apple watch series 4 was shared by 9 to 5 mac and they claim that it is not just a rumour but the official product image from their marketing brochure.

Apple watch series 4 has been seen with a bigger display as compared to all older versions of Apple watch. It is being said that the display size is now 15% bigger. Another feature that makes the display look even bigger is the edge to edge screen.

Apple Watch Series 4

The side buttons on the Apple watch Series 4 appear to be modified as well. There is now a special microphone hole on the side. While nothing can be said about the weight of the watch but we are sure that Apple might have considered that as well.

There are also rumours that Apple is taking fitness seriously through its new Apple Watch 2018 and some trackers have been added to the store. Apart from that, Apple seems to be making the most of the bigger display and just in the mock-up, a total of 8 complications can be seen on the screen.

Let us see what Apple tells us about the new Apple Watch Series 4 on 12th September 2018 at the event.

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