Apple Watch Series 3: Apple’s smart watch arrives with LTE and becomes independent of the iPhone

Silently. This is how Apple’s smart watch has become the benchmark of a diffuse market and has not met the expectations expected of him.

It is in this confusing situation that we are faced with an expected launch: that of an Apple Watch Series 3 that brings a fundamental difference with respect to its predecessors: it comes with the option of having LTE connectivity, which will allow it to reach its full potential without needing to have the iPhone close.

If the design works, do not touch it

In this new iteration of Apple Watch 3 what does not change (almost) is the outside appearance. The traditional square shape of the screen continues to be the protagonist of that exterior aspect.

There is a discordant note that does make the difference: the crown on one side is clearly highlighted by a red color inside that will differentiate these models from the previous ones and will make it clear that these watches are those with LTE connectivity.

The case, however, does not vary in thickness despite the new hardware and especially in the integration of the modem and the eSIM card to provide LTE connectivity.

Same phone number for Apple Watch and iPhone

The new Apple Watch Series 3 will feature an eSIM that actually has the same number as your iPhone. That eSIM gives access to mobile data networks independently to the iPhone. The possibilities are fantastic for all sorts of scenarios, because we will no longer rely on the Apple smartphone to take advantage of all the options of the Apple smart watch.

Thus, we can interact with the notifications that arrive at the device, but also open the doors so that all types of applications can take advantage of that connectivity directly without the iPhone is close to provide its connectivity.

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Omar Belkaab

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