Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple wants its own batteries that outperform all its competition, according to Etnews

Apple is working to develop an in-house battery, with significantly better performance than industry alternatives. Korean sources affirm that Apple’s roadmap focuses on 2025, the year in which an iPhone with this self-developed battery would a priori be marketed for the first time.

According to Etnews, Apple is looking for a new different composition which the main battery distributors are using. The goal is to create its own battery with superior performance in a size that does not compromise the internal structure of the device.

The source indicates that experiments are being carried out with carbon nanotubes (CNT), a conductive material capable of improving battery performance. This material has already been used in devices such as headphones. They have also been used for the implementation of flexible screens and research has even been done on how to create artificial muscles thanks to them.

Carbon nanotubes’ main characteristic is their elasticity, in addition to having some very interesting conductive properties. In addition to this research at CNT, sources suggest that Apple could opt for the use of silicon instead of graphite to achieve greater energy capacity in the same space.

According to this information, Apple is convinced that the next steps in mixed reality and metaverse are increasing the demand for high-performance batteries. The company has been working on its own development of batteries since 2018, with 2025 being the year in which we would see them on the market for the first time.

In this new beginning regarding batteries, the iPhone would be the first devices to implement this new technology. Thus, if the usual schedule is followed, the iPhone 17 would be a before and after in terms of autonomy.

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Danish Kapoor