Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple raises the prices of its services again. And TV+ has become so expensive that in two years it already costs double

Just a year ago, Apple announced the price increase of some of its services, apparently it was the most popular services (such as Apple Music) or those that had a lower price compared to their competition (such as TV+) that suffered the increase, while the less popular ones, such as Apple Arcade, maintained their numbers.

One year later, Apple raises the prices of some of its services againincluding those of the Apple One package. And this time it affects both Apple TV+ for the second time in a year and Apple Arcade, which was saved on that occasion.

Increases of between 9% and 43%

This is how the new prices look for the services that are experiencing the increase:

  • Apple Arcade: goes from 4.99 euros per month to 6.99 euros per month.
  • Apple TV+: goes from 6.99 euros per month to 9.99 euros per month.

And this is how the Apple One prices remain in its three modalities:

  • single Apple One: goes from 16.95 euros per month to 19.95 euros per month.
  • Apple One family: goes from 22.95 euros per month to 25.95 euros per month.
  • Apple One Premium: goes from 31.95 euros per month to 34.95 euros per month.

In the United States there is some more increase, with a service that was announced almost five years ago but has not yet reached Spain: Apple News+, the newspaper and magazine news aggregator, has gone from $9.99 per month to $12.99 dollars a month.

The rest of the services, such as iCloud+, Apple Music or Apple Fitness+, currently maintain the same prices.

This rise hurts especially with services such as TV+, which has doubled its price compared to a year and a week ago. From the 4.99 euros per month that it cost at the beginning of October 2022, it has now risen to 9.99 euros per month.

There are some possible logical explanations for the increases, such as accumulated inflation or the fact that some prices have remained fixed for many years, with special mention of Apple Music, which spent seven years without changing it (Spotify even more so).

However, these increases are quite aggressive: TV+ represents an increase of 43%… and a year ago it already had another increase of 40%. Then there is Apple Arcade, whose number of users we do not know but there is no indicator that suggests that it is being a great success. However, it has also received a 40% increase.

Featured image | Apple, Mockuuups Studio, TechGIndia.

Danish Kapoor