Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple Pencil Pro introduced: Better writing and drawing experience combined with “Find” support

At the event where Apple introduced the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, it also revealed its new pen called Apple Pencil Pro. It is worth noting that despite the “Pro” label in the name of the pen, it can also be used with the new iPad Air.

Pencil Pro now offers more magical features and powerful new interactions that take the pen experience even further. The new sensor on the body detects the user's pinching movement and opens a tool palette. This allows you to quickly switch between tools, line weights and colors without interrupting the creative process.

Special Haptic Engine technology provides an extremely user-friendly experience by giving a gentle vibration confirming the action when the user makes a pinching gesture, uses the double-tap feature, or transforms shapes into a perfect form with Smart Shape. Thanks to a gyroscope, users can control the tool they use more precisely by rotating the Apple Pencil Pro.

By rotating the body, users can change the direction of the shaped pen and brush tools, just like paper and pencil. In addition, thanks to the touchless detection feature with Apple Pencil, they can see the exact direction of the vehicle they are using before marking.

Apple Pencil Pro comes with “Find” support

With these advanced features, Pencil Pro gives users entirely new ways to bring their ideas to life and enables developers to create their own custom interactions. Apple Pencil Pro offers Find Find support for the first time for Apple Pencil, helping users locate their Apple Pencil Pro if they lose it. It attaches to the side of the iPad Pro via a new magnetic interface, where it pairs, stores and charges.

You have to pay 5299 TL for Apple Pencil Pro. Deliveries of the pen, which is available for pre-order, will begin next week.

Danish Kapoor