Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple launches iOS 17.0.3, the update that promises to solve the iPhone 15 overheating problem

We knew that some iPhone 15s were experiencing overheating issues. Not only because of user complaints, but by Apple itselfwhich recently recognized the drawback of its flagship product presented a few weeks ago at its Wonderlust event.

In principle, the Cupertino company suggested that specific applications such as Instagram, Uber or ‘Asphalt 9’ could make the device work at higher temperatures, although without risks to the safety of users.

The update that addresses the problem arrives

We later learned that Apple was working on a system update to address the problem. Now, finally, we are facing its highly anticipated launch. iOS 17.0.3 is now available worldwide for download and installation.

We are looking at a file of several megabytes (the size varies depending on the device) whose purpose is to provide “important security updates and bug fixes” and to solve “an issue that could cause the iPhone to overheat.” So this update should fix the iPhone 15 launch skid.

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Whether you are suffering from overheating issues or not on your iPhone 15, it is advisable to install this update on all devices supported. Doing it is very simple. You simply have to enter Settings > General > Software update and click on Update now.

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After completing these steps, the iPhone will begin downloading the update and ask you for permission to install it. Remember to have the battery sufficiently charged. If the level is below 50% the process will not start for security reasons.

Images: Apple

Danish Kapoor