Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple is preparing to strengthen the iPad Pro with the new M4 chip

Apple takes the performance of the iPad Pro to the next level with its newly announced M4 chip. Equipped with 3 nanometer production technology, this new chip is a breakthrough in energy efficiency and performance. This chip, which includes Apple's latest technologies, offers a superior experience to its users by supporting the unique Ultra Retina XDR display of the iPad Pro.

One of the most striking features of the Apple M4 chip is its 10-core new generation GPU. Revolutionizing graphics performance, this GPU provides high performance by optimizing GPU usage in real time with dynamic caching technology. In addition, hardware-accelerated ray tracing and mesh shading technologies offer the user a unique experience by increasing the level of detail and realism of graphics.

On the CPU side, the M4 chip stands out with its 10-core structure. These cores are divided into two: performance and efficiency cores. Performance cores can process faster with improved branch prediction and a larger decoding engine. Efficiency cores, on the other hand, offer faster performance by consuming less energy with their deeper execution engine. All these structural innovations enable iPad Pro to meet the processing power needed for complex applications and games.

Apple has maximized Neural Engine technology in the M4 chip. With its 16-core structure, this technology can perform 38 trillion operations per second. This technology, which is 60 times faster than the Neural Engine technology of the A11 Bionic chip, combines with wide memory bandwidth and high-performance GPU to bring the artificial intelligence performance of iPad Pro to the top.

Media features of the Apple M4 chip

When it comes to the media engine, the M4 chip includes the most advanced yet offered in the iPad. In addition to H.264, HEVC and ProRes, hardware acceleration for AV1 is also included in this chip. This is a technology used for the first time on the iPad and makes it possible to play high-resolution videos from online streaming services with less energy consumption.

apple m4 features

The M4 chip includes improvements to the CPU and GPU to make the iPad Pro the most powerful device ever. This chip, which can offer the same performance with less energy, continues Apple's leadership in the industry in energy efficiency. Thanks to these developments, iPad Pro with M4 chip is preparing to meet the needs of the future by showing high performance despite its light and thin design.

Apple is going through an important milestone in the performance of the iPad Pro with the M4 chip. This chip, which will maximize the performance of iPad Pro with its powerful CPU, GPU and Neural Engine technologies, will offer a unique experience to its users. Equipped with Apple's innovative technologies, the M4 chip is a candidate to set future technology standards.

Danish Kapoor