Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple is already preparing the affordable Apple Vision Pro. And despite everything, they will continue to be expensive

We will still have to wait until early 2024 to finally see the promising Apple Vision Pro available, but even before they were launched there was talk of a more modest version of Apple’s virtual and augmented reality glasses. Now we have more data about said affordable model.

Expensive version, version cheap less expensive. In Cupertino they were clear that they had to develop two variants of this product. The first, the Apple Vision Pro, are priced at $3,500 and that makes them a very difficult product to become a massive success. The solution is to create a second version that is somewhat more modest and affordable.

No EyeSight. According to Bloomberg, in order to develop this somewhat cheaper model, significant sacrifices will be made in two sections. Firstly, using lower resolution screens and the iPhone chip instead of using the Mac’s. Secondly, the external screen will be eliminated with EyeSight technology, which rendered the user’s eyes so that they could “look” at us. while using them when interacting with the outside world.

$1,500. Sources close to the company indicate that prices are being discussed in a range that would range from $1,500 to $2,500. If they stay at those 1,500 that seem to be an option, Apple will certainly have a more accessible alternative, but it remains to be seen if the sacrifices in hardware do not significantly harm the experience.

Second generation. Apple is not only working on the affordable model, but on a second generation of the Vision Pro. Among the improvements will be a more compact and lighter size that will make them more comfortable to wear, and also a system that allows them to be used without glasses. The current version uses special lenses.

M3 Macs and new iPads in sight. There are also more details about the new Macs based on the long-awaited Apple M3 chip. According to Bloomberg, the MacBook Pro will possibly arrive in spring 2024, while the MacBook Air will arrive somewhat later, in summer. There will be a renewal of the iPads with faster chips, and the iPad Pro will have a renewed design and Magic Keyboard, but we will not see them until 2024.

This quarter the protagonists are the iPhone. All the focus for the quarter that will lead us to Christmas is therefore on the new iPhone 15/Plus and iPhone 15 Pro/Max. It is now that the most pronounced sales of these devices occur, but the question is whether the new models will be able to have a notable impact. Some analysts doubt it.

Danish Kapoor