Apple Heavily Cuts Prices of iPhone 6s, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 in India | Starts at Rs. 29,900

Comparing the original iPhone prices with the currently reduced iPhone rates

After launching new iPhone models, Apple has gone for a heavy price cut in its existing models for the Indian Market. New models of 2018 are now up, i.e., iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS. As it has been a tradition, the pricing of the older phone has gone down. iPhone 6s now only costs you INR 19,900 for the 32 GB variant. iPhone 6S plus is a better option for the users who prefer a larger display as it costs just INR 34,900 now. While the iPhones like iPhone X, iPhone 6S and 6S plus has discontinued in the US, they are still a trend in India and popularly known for budget shopping.

Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8 Prices

iPhone X has reduced its handset’s pricing that originally cost INR 95,390 and INR 1,08,930, respectively. It now costs INR 91,900 and INR 1,06,900 for 64GB and 256 GB model respectively. Significant cuts have been in the iPhone 8 too where the 64 GB storage variant cost 67,940 INR but now costs only 59,900. On the other hand, the 256 GB storage variant costed 81,500 INR but now costs only 74,900.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Prices in India

Amazingly, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus also cost you less presently. The 32GB storage model of iPhone 7 that was initially priced at Rs. 52,370 now costs Rs. 39,900.  The 128 GB storage model of iPhone 7 that was initially priced at Rs. 61,560 now costs Rs. 49,900.

The iPhone 7 Plus has also come down from Rs. 62,840 to Rs. 49,900 for the 32 GB option. The 128 GB storage variant is available at Rs. 59,900 that originally cost Rs. 72,060.

iPhone 6s Price Cut India

Moving to iPhone 6s, the prices for the 32 GB variant has come down from Rs. 42,900 to Rs. 29,900. For the 128GB model, the prices have come down from Rs. 52,100 to Rs. 39,900.

To the end, the popular iPhone XR today comes under the most affordable handsets. It will go live on sale from October 26 in India. It starts at Rs. 76,900 for the 64GB option. The same will cost you Rs. 81,900 for the 128GB option, and finally Rs. 91,900 for the 256GB internal storage model. While Apple Watch series is also yet to be launched, there is no official news about the same.

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