Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple has not renewed the iMac for more than 900 days. We have good news and (maybe) more good news

On April 20, 2021, Apple surprised us all with colorful and renewed iMac (2021) that made the leap to M1 processors. That long-awaited renewal pointed to a very lively future for these teams, but the truth is that since then these models have remained in the background and have not been renewed. That could change very soon, they indicate in Bloomberg.

More than 900 days without renewal. Specifically, today marks 916 days without a renewal of equipment that has always been a good option for those looking for a guaranteed All-in-One. A few months later it was rumored that the 27-inch iMac would be launched with a more powerful processor and MiniLED screen, but that came to nothing.

From iMac Pro, nothing. Sources close to the company indicated in Bloomberg that the initial plan was to launch an “iMac Pro” with a chip from the Apple M2 family and also a renewed 24-inch iMac, but there was a problem: costs. Those launches didn’t seem to compensate, so Apple chose to offer a powerful alternative: the Mac Studio with Studio Display monitors. That option was very good if you needed a lot of resources, but for users with fewer needs (and budget) things became complicated.

New iMacs in sight. However, the situation could change very soon. We already had rumors about it, but now there are new signs that point to the imminent launch of a new 24-inch iMac. These same sources affirm that there will be an event very soon, and in it we will see these new teams.

October 30 or 31. That is the date assessed by Mark Gurman in Bloomberg, who adds that the announcement of financial results will occur on November 2, not at the end of October as is usually the case. The last time these results were presented so late was in 2018 because just a few days before there was an event to present new iPads and new Mac mini and MacBook Air.

There is no stock of the “old” iMac. There is another interesting clue that points to that launch: there are hardly any 24-inch iMac (2021) in Apple stores, and there is not much inventory of the 13-inch MacBook Pro or the high-end model either, so these models could also look renewed. The waiting times for these models are several weeks, something unusual and which supports the idea of ​​​​a Mac-focused event with several announcements in this regard.

M3 chip in sight? The renewal of the iMac could be the starting signal for the Cupertino firm’s new and promising chips. The Apple M3 will theoretically be manufactured with 3 nanometer photolithography, which would represent a huge leap compared to the 5 nm M2. The renewal of the MacBook Pro would be somewhat more strange because they were already renewed in January, but according to Gurman an update the same year would be “unusual, but not inconceivable.”

iMac Pro in 2024 (or 2025). That “iMac Pro” that was talked about in the past was not ruled out, and according to Bloomberg that model with a larger diagonal screen will end up appearing in 2024 or perhaps 2025. The jump will be especially striking because we will go to a 32-inch diagonal, making it the largest iMac in Apple’s entire history.

Danish Kapoor