Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple expands Self-Service Repair program for MacBook Pros and iMacs with M3 chips

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Apple has been steadily expanding its Self-Service Repair program, which it launched two years ago. Starting Thursday, the company has access to the tools, parts and repair manuals needed to fix the latest MacBook Pros and iMacs using M3 chips.

As of next month, people with M3 systems will also be able to use the Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair tool on their systems. This web-based tool offers end users the same capabilities available to authorized service providers and independent repair shops. Apple made this tool available for iPhone and Mac last year. He notes that the tool has capabilities such as identifying parts that need repair and testing for “optimal part functionality and performance.”

In addition, Apple states that it is trying to make the Mac repair process more efficient and improve the process by making improvements to system configuration procedures. Starting from the beginning of March, it will no longer be necessary to contact the Self Service Repair team to carry out the final step of a repair. However, the team will still be available to assist if needed.

Apple M3 Self-Repair Possibilities for MacBook Pros and iMacs

The expansion of Apple’s Self-Repair program is seen as part of the tech giant’s effort to offer its users more autonomy and flexibility. MacBook Pro and iMac owners with M3 chips will now have direct access to all the tools, parts, and guides needed to repair their devices. This allows users to repair their devices without going to authorized service centers and paying potentially high repair fees.

The introduction of Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair allows users to better understand the status of their devices and more effectively diagnose potential problems. This tool will help users identify which parts of their device need repair or replacement, further simplifying the repair process.

Apple’s improvements to the Mac repair process and changes to system configuration procedures allow users to complete repairs faster and with less complexity. These changes are designed to enable users to use their devices longer and potentially reduce environmental impact.

The expansion of Apple’s Self-Service Repair program is part of a broader trend in the tech industry where users are demanding more control and flexibility over how they can repair their devices. This program responds to these demands by allowing users to use their devices for longer and consume technology more sustainably. The program in question is not yet available in Turkey.

Danish Kapoor