Apple debauches the boss of Google’s artificial intelligence to revive Siri

On Monday, April 2, The Information reported that Google’s boss of artificial intelligence was leaving his post, turning him de facto into the most sought-after profile of Silicon Valley. Except that John Giannandrea has never really been in the job market. This Tuesday, April 3, the New York Times announces his arrival at Apple. Already one of the most important transfers of 2018 on the American technology market.

In an internal e-mail, Tim Cook explains that the new recruit will take care of the ”  machine learning and the strategy concerning artificial intelligence  “. JG – as his colleagues called him at Google – will be one of sixteen Apple executives to report directly to the CEO The New York newspaper estimates that would receive an eight-figure annual salary.

Pass Siri in front of the Google Assistant

John Giannandrea joined Google in 2010 when he took over Metaweb, where he worked as a technology director. This start-up conceived at that time what she called ”  a database of global knowledge  “. Google has used this to design its Knowledge Graph, which displays contextual information during a search on a personality, a place, or an event.

The 53-year-old from Scotland is coming to Apple for a challenge: to allow Siri to take the lead overall competing voice assistants, with Google in the lead. With his Assistant, the Mountain View company has proven in recent years its know-how in artificial intelligence. Even if we are far being able to talk with him naturally, he knows how to do more than Siri.

How to train an AI with less data?

There is a reason given for the delay. Since Siri’s availability in 2011 is simple: Apple has less data than Google to train its artificial intelligence. A search engine is a great tool for indexing text, images, and videos.

In addition, Apple has long been committed to not directly exploit the personal data of its users. To overcome this possibility, the company uses the process of “differential confidentiality” to anonymize the data milled by Cupertino artificial intelligence.

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