Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple continues to support web applications in the EU

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Technology giant Apple made an important announcement for users and developers in the European Union. The company announced that it has canceled its previously announced plans to end support for progressive web applications (PWA) in the European Union. This decision will be implemented with the iOS 17.4 update and heralds that the existing Home Screen web application capabilities will continue to be offered to users.

This step by Apple once again reveals the importance of integration between web technologies and the mobile ecosystem. According to the company’s statement, home screen applications will continue to be built on the WebKit engine used by Safari. This means that web applications downloaded from third-party browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox will be run through WebKit rather than their own engine. Apple states that with this update, it has also taken steps to support third-party browser engines in the EU.

“Developers and users in the EU who may have been affected by the removal of Home Screen web apps in the beta version of iOS can expect the return of existing functionality for Home Screen web apps with the launch of iOS 17.4 in early March,” Apple said. he stated.

A new turning point in Apple’s EU journey

Apple announced plans to discontinue iOS web applications in the European Union in February. This move could have a negative impact on the user experience by limiting the applications’ functions such as sending push notifications and storing data. Apple attributed this decision to the impracticality of developing a “completely new integration architecture” to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

However, Apple reversing its plans shows the importance of feedback from the user and developer community. The technology giant is taking steps to strengthen its relations with developers and users, especially on this issue that has attracted the attention of the European Commission. Additionally, non-profit organizations such as Open Web Advocacy are researching the effects of iPhone web app discontinuations, highlighting how important this issue is across the industry.

Danish Kapoor