Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple announces an event for October 30 during the Spanish dawn. And everything points to new Macs with M3 chip

Apple just called the media to an event on October 30. This event will be purely online, in the style of presentations during the pandemic, as indicated by journalist Mark Gurman, a regular leaker of the company who already anticipated this call a few days ago. In Spain it will be the night of Monday the 30th to Tuesday the 31st, at one in the morning.

In a premonitory tweet two days before the call, Gurman speak of the scarce stocks that there are in the Apple Store, both physical and online, of two specific models of their computers, the iMac and the MacBook Pro.

Double new Mac in sight

Now that the timing coincides and this event has been announced shortly after this leak, the pieces are beginning to fit. iPads have not been renewedjust a strange new Apple Pencil model, and some rumor mill says that they will not be renewed until spring, moving their launch window from October to March, like a few years ago.

If this is true and we only have new Macs in store for us, like the indicated models, it should mean not only their arrival, but also that of a new generation of chips, the M3especially expected for presumably assuming the jump to 3 nanometers.

This jump should imply, by mere logic, a big leap in both power and energy efficiency, something that translates into a leap in power presumably greater than that entailed by the transition from the M1 to the M2, which retained the same manufacturing process. And if there is M3… there is also M3 Pro. And something like that suggests the ‘Scary fast’ of the invitation. The animation of the Apple website, with a nod to the Finder icon.


Image: Apple.

In the case of the MacBook Pro, very popular models in the Apple catalog, an update to the M2 would not be understood that does not imply such a leap. In the case of the iMac, with much more discreet sales, an update to the M2 chip would not be understood either (this computer was anchored in the summer 2021 M1), which is already more than a year old, but rather to the M3.

This would also imply that the pieces of the puzzle of Macs with Apple Silicon also begin to fit: after a beginning of the transition in which we did not know what the update frequency of each model would be, it seems clear that there are some annual renewals, and others with biennial renewal, like this iMac.

In any case, you will of course be able to see the products that Apple announces instantly on TechGIndia.

Featured image | Manzana.

Danish Kapoor