Android Q | Here’re Some Awesome Details of Android Q That You Should Know

Ever since the Google has launched Android P, the speculations of Android Q likely to launch soon next year have started floating. The rumour mill has been churning out every single deets about it right from its features to which all devices will receive the next Android version and to its name as well.

As per the developers, the Android Q will be ready to step out by mid of the year 2019. Probably, a few only devices will receive it as a majority of the Android users are still looking forward to receiving Oreo on their devices, till date.

What will be the name of Android Q

Recently, with the launch of the Android P, Google christened it with the name Pie, which grew the curiosity amongst the techie gossip mongers that what will be the name of the next version Android Q. Here are some names that are speculated to baptize Android Q with- Quinoa, Quesadilla, Quaker Oats, Quail, Quiche and many more.

Till the time the next version of Android is launched there is a lot of time for speculation to make rounds in the techno world.

The upcoming will be the 10th version of the Android by Google which is anticipated to be a notch higher than its predecessor.

Features speculated for Android Q

Android Q will surely be an upgraded version of Android P and is rumored to come up with features like manual backups of Google drive with or without Wi-Fi, multi-monitor support, assisted dialling, Vulkan API for better menu transitions, animations and long battery life, Emoji 12.0 and much more. The grapevine is rife with the speculations that Android Q will support PCs and tablets via its new desktop UI experience and will be backed by warning alerts on running apps that are developed for Android Lollipop or older than that.

Android is an operating system developed by Google that enables a smartphone to render better services and quality usage. With the developers kicking off their bit to launch Android Q next year, there are many smartphone users across the globe who are still waiting to receive Android Oreo that was launched last year in 2017.

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