Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Android phones can be used as webcams with Windows 11

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Within the Windows Insider program, it is possible to use Android phones and tablets as webcams on computers with Windows 11 operating system. This feature, which we expect to reach all Windows 11 users soon, provides great convenience for users, especially considering the increasing needs for working from home and distance education during the pandemic period.

Using Android phones and tablets as webcams

With this innovation, devices with Android 9.0 or newer versions can be used as an additional webcam for video conference calls, online classes or live broadcasts. In order to activate this feature, users must have the Windows Connection application installed on their devices and have version 1.24012 or newer of the application.

This feature, introduced with the Windows 11 Moment 5 update, makes it easier for users to connect their Android devices to their computers and use them as a webcam. To connect, users need to go to the Bluetooth & devices section in the Settings menu, find the “Mobile devices” option and select the “Manage devices” option. After these steps, it is expected that the computer will be allowed to access the Android device and the installation will be completed.

Microsoft further enriches the use of this feature, offering users the opportunity to switch between front and rear cameras, add effects and access the latest photos in the gallery via PC. This allows users to have a more flexible usage experience, allowing them to maximize the potential of their Android devices.

This innovation is seen as part of Microsoft’s efforts to improve user experience and increase technological integration. The ability to use Android devices as webcams offers an excellent alternative, especially for computer users who do not have a webcam or have low-quality cameras.

Users will now be able to meet their communication and collaboration needs with higher quality by using the existing technology in their homes more efficiently. This feature is also important in terms of sustainability; Because reusing existing devices for new purposes reduces the need for additional hardware and therefore the amount of electronic waste.

All in all, this integration between Windows 11 and Android operating systems provides a good example of how technology can be made smarter and more user-friendly. Thanks to this new feature, users gain great convenience and flexibility in their daily lives. It seems that this innovation from Microsoft will be further developed with future updates and will further enrich the user experience.

Danish Kapoor