Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Android 15 puts an end to annoying notification vibrations

Google introduced a new feature called “notification cooling” in the Android 15 update, which it previewed to developers earlier this year. This feature was designed to gradually reduce the volume of notifications when an app sends multiple alerts in a row. However, it was determined that this feature did not prevent the phone from constantly vibrating due to these warnings. In the latest Android 15 Beta 1.2 update, a new toggle labeled as “flickering when unlocked” has been discovered.

Next setting: Vibrate when unlocked

The “vibrate when unlocked” setting guarantees that your phone will only vibrate when the screen is unlocked, effectively preventing your phone from vibrating in your pocket due to numerous alerts from the same app. However, unlike the main “notification cooldown” feature, the “vibrate when unlocked” feature is not enabled by default. Users who are concerned that their phone's haptic feedback is overly triggered by alerts can easily activate the “vibrate when unlocked” feature.

For those worried about missing important alerts, there is an option to disable the “vibrate when unlocked” toggle, and they can also turn off the “notification cooldown” feature entirely. Alternatively, users can change the default setting of “apply cooldown to all notifications” to “apply cooldown only to conversations”. This way, they can avoid missing critical alerts other than messages.

Although Google hid the “notification cooldown” page from users in Android 15 Beta 1, the feature is expected to reappear in a future beta software, possibly in Android 15 Beta 2 next month. The reintroduction of this feature is expected to include the new “shake when unlocked” toggle. Since the code for the “Notification cooldown” feature is already available in AOSP (Android Open Source Project), it is expected that this feature will be available on non-Pixel devices as well.

With this update, Android users will no longer have to deal with annoying vibrations from notifications. Android 15 continues to take important steps to improve user experience.

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Danish Kapoor