ADATA ED600, Review: Waterproof external hard drive enclosure

ADATA ED600, Review: Waterproof external hard drive enclosure

ADATA manufactures a good amount of consumer products, among which are also various types of accessories. One that is often quite useful today is the carcass for external drives, either hard disk or solid state drives, in 2.5-inch disk format. And for a group of consumers even more specific is the ED600.

It is an ultra-resistant external disk housing, which is also made to water and dust proof with the IP54 certificate. This means that there will be no dust inside and that water will not be introduced inside, so it is above all protection against splashes but not against complete immersion under water.

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The ED600 is sold in a white box with only a few extras inside. In addition to the USB type A cable to connect it to a PC, it includes two adapters to secure the disc inside of different heights -by the case of a 7 mm SSD instead of 11 mm, for examples, and a card to access to additional product information.

The housing has a design in black, rigid plastic, with the interior being rubber. The opening and closing are done by means of a flanged closure that makes the force just enough to ensure IP54 protection. It is made to test for falls of up to 1 m, as well as to vibrations so that the hard disks have a correct operation at all times. For example, if you leave it on the table and you are one of those who moves it a lot by typing, or it moves a lot, there will be no major problem.

The connection is USB 3.0 type up to 5 Gb / s, so it will not limit to any hard drive. After testing it with an HGST 5400 RPM hard drive, its performance is similar to what it would have on a computer hooked directly to the SATA3 connector on a motherboard. Although, in this case, the SSDs that connect will be impaired their read and write performance randomly due to the SATA3 to USB conversion that these casings need to make. Therefore, the maximum speed of the connection goes from 6 Gb / s to 5 Gb / s, and the 8b / 10b conversion made by the AHCI protocol causes its maximum speed to remain at around 500 MB / s, less the bridge losses, making them stay around the 450 MB / s of maximum read-write sequential versus the usual 550 MB / s. But in general, SSDs are still much faster than a normal hard drive when used externally.

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The ED600 is a quality housing, for those who need to transport a hard drive or SSD and want to make sure it will not be damaged. Or, at least, reduce the likelihood of serious damage to the transport and catastrophic misfortunes that may occur. The installation is super simple since it only requires lifting the clip, inserting the disk, putting the adapter if needed so that it is not loose, and closing. The type A USB connection has a rubber cap that will be recommended to be in place to keep its construction waterproof and dustproof during transport.

It is one of the best external disk enclosures I have tested, and also without intermittent problems of disconnections that occur with others, which lead to having to remove the disk and put it back to the PC to recognize it again. That is usually motivated by a SATA3-USB jumper not quite good, although in this case is not the case and use one more than decent. Therefore, it is an extremely recommended housing.

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