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Danish Kapoor

A foldable so flexible that it even serves as a smartwatch: Motorola shows the world its most futuristic concept

Motorola has recently presented new developments at a conceptual level. Among them, a device with a flexible pOLED screen. So flexible that it is possible to roll the device across the width of our wrist to use it as a kind of smart watch.

Beyond curiosity, the concept puts on the table a new type of pOLED panel that is capable of mold your shape depending on the user’s needs.

The company defines this screen as “adaptive”, with a diagonal of 6.9 inches and being completely flat when in a flat position. If we don’t fold it, it looks like a normal screen, similar to what we see in some of the company’s foldables.

The screen can even be placed, as you will see in the main photograph that illustrates this article, in a vertical position using its own body as a support. It thus becomes 4.6 inches. But this is just the beginning, the craziest thing comes now.


This smart screen can flex to hug our wrist.

Using artificial intelligence, it is possible for the phone to analyze a photograph of the clothes we are wearing to generate a wallpaper that matches it. It thus becomes a fashion accessory completely aligned with the clothing we are wearing at that moment. Information processing is done completely locally.

This idea is part of a much more ambitious set: MotoAI. Motorola wants to have your own AI assistant for smartphones and PCs, a model based on the main generative language models that promises to process data locally to execute it from the device itself.

The future of the smartphone is foldable ones.  They only have two problems to overcome

This model will open the doors to improvements such as scanning documents from the mobile phone, minimizing wrinkles and shadows using AI to make them more readable. It will also be able to summarize emails, chats and messages. Likewise, it promises to improve our privacy by obfuscating content: it will identify elements such as names and sensitive data to hide them in the photographs we send.

There are no specific dates for the arrival of mobile phones with this panel or intelligent assistant, but given that Motorola has dared with folding ones, they may be closer than we think.

Image | Motorola

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