There are a lot of phones from different manufacturers in the market, but nothing is fascinating as that of the upcoming OnePlus 6T. Rumours are ramping up about the OnePlus 6T, but it definitely a device to be extremely excited about. Check out these 6 reasons why.

In-display fingerprint sensor

We have always seen a poor placement of the fingerprint sensor which is on the back of the phone. However, OnePlus 6 will have it on the screen. It’s really counterintuitive to pick up your phone off your desk to unlock it. It is thus going to give a fantastic sense of comfort.

While many other devices in the market have the same technology as Oppo Find X and Vivo Nex, OnePlus will get you the presence of a better software installed.

Always-on display feature

OnePlus 6T is likely to have an always-on display feature. It is not confirm though. However, we can still assume since OnePlus 6 has an always-on display option. You might not have used this option or may be unaware since it merely drains more battery.

Android 9 Pie out of the box

No device till date has actually got on store shelves with Pie pre-installed. However, devices like Google Pixel 2 XL have got the update. The OnePlus 6T is likely to be among the first comers of the new software in the market. While it also guarantees updates in two years of launch, we can expect Android R in 2020 and Android S in 2021. And thus, the phone is a worthy investment.

T-Mobile availability

The company has confirmed OnePlus 6T as the first device of OnePlus to launch with an American carrier T-Mobile as a partner. So, it is going to be the OnePlus 6T exclusively at T-Mobile.

Similar price to OnePlus 6

OnePlus’ pricing is edging out of the mid-range market or the premium market. OnePlus 6 is at least $200 cheaper than the significant flagship Android phones including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc. Thus, OnePlus 6T pricing is going to be the bang-for-your-buck in the entire market.

And here all these factors make OnePlus 6T most favourable among the upcoming smartphones.