The IP address is a necessary information for an invasion, but that’s enough? Discover how to prevent the squatters and what are the real possibilities of an attack on the computer.

The internet age has generated many jobs, innovated with an incredible expansion of knowledge and allowed many people to use their gifts to create very interesting innovations. However, despite the great revolution, with the introduction and diffusion of various techniques have solved many people use the knowledge for the worst.

Have you ever stopped to think that if there were no viruses on computers and people were not malicious, would the world be much better? Well, the problem is that a lot of people are interested in creating programs to hurt other people. On the other hand, whenever there are new smart to play with things that should not, such as privacy and the safety of others.

Anyway, all this probably already know, but they have no idea how the “Lawyers” of the internet go ahead of any security company and want only one thing: touch those that are not theirs. Of course, normal users, we worry, because the concern for our files is great.

Well, it’s always the question: after all, only with the IP address can a hacker hack my computer? Today we show through some of the explanations that the process of invasion is much more complex than simply having the IP and not anyone can run a computer remotely.

About the IP

Let’s review a little about the basic concept of this important protocol. The IP address is a unique number assigned to each network device in the world. How is that? When connected to the Internet, the modem will automatically receive an IP address from the telephone company.

The IP is necessary to see the traffic on the Internet and after all, when you have access to a site there must be communication between the PC and the portal in question. All sites in the world have an IP and each computer (or rather, a modem) as well. Therefore, your PC can send and receive data.

If I find my IP, can it be hacked?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, but an invasion will depend on the level of knowledge and tricks that the person possesses. If that reassures, I know that only with IP can not be hacked into a computer, at least not with current technologies.

IP address is the first step

To clarify and that will be an example of the easiest way what happens during an invasion. Imagine that the IP address is your home. If anyone knows where it is, this does not mean that one can invade. After all, you should probably have a lockable door, dogs, doors and many other obstacles.

With the IP address is exactly the same, it is just an address, and any attacker needs a lot of knowledge to know how to access the computer data. As in the case of your residence, your PC is behind the modem and other network devices, a firewall and other programs and resources that prevent the invasion in the blink of an eye.

Now let’s look at some basic tricks that hackers use to get into computers.


Continuing with the example of the house, Imagine that the gate of your house was dethroned, or if there is an area of the gate that is rusty. That would be a tremendous facility for a thief to enter the land and steal his house.

In the world, all equipment is very similar, that is attackers take advantage of the oversights in the modem (or router). If you have not configured the modem correctly or do not have a built-in firewall, which facilitates attack by hackers.

So here’s my first tip: Make sure your modem is set up properly, the wireless router has a password and if the firewall is well enabled on these devices and with rules that can prevent the attacks.

Details: If you use a router in your home, the attacker should discover the IP address of your computer, if he can pass through the firewall and the router.

Your house without a door

Firewall is a program that handles which ports should be opened for data traffic. If it is not installed on your PC, it greatly facilitates attack by hackers, it is one less obstacle for the attack to succeed. In our example, the house would look like it did not have a door. What would happen then? Anyone can enter either a thief or an ordinary person.

So now I give you a second tip: install a good firewall or at least use the operating system. Remember that in addition to the installation, you should be wary of exceptions that add to the firewall, because if you add an exception for a P2P program (which generates a large volume of data), it can facilitate the entry of intruders .

Internet Security and Antivirus

If you want a minimum of security on your PC you may already know that the use of an antivirus is essential. The anti-virus can be a greatally in the fight against invasions.

The thing is simple, many times the fault is not because we have carelessness with our PC, is that there are many viruses that are installed in our computer and they open the way for hackers

So, my third tip is: install good antivirus (even if it’s free, you’ll be equally protected) or an Internet Security-style program, which brings many applications for system protection and files.

Do not be afraid of children

The vast majority of people who call themselves “hackers” are children of 13 or 14 who think they know how to enter a computer, so relax, because rarely will anyone have access to your data.

Do not be offended if you are one of them, but the truth is that anyone offers advice on forums and sites about invasion, all are very basic and do not lead anywhere, as many here in this forum.

More peace, less paranoia

There are a large number of people who are unemployed, who do not have to do and who come to invade computers at random, but the amount of attacks on personal computers is very low. Invasions of sites and corporate computers are increasing, as criminals can benefit from confidential information and steal or harm large corporations.


Of course this humble post only report that it is not necessary to be paranoid about the invaders, but I emphasize that if precautions should be taken. In addition to the programs and settings, it is always important to be careful about what you install on your PC and the sites you visit.

Remember that many of the attacks done occur by people you know or have your IP address through an established contact. So, be careful who is added on the MSN, because there are a lot of dangerous people on the Internet. Anyway, in conclusion, I remind you that only the IP address is not enough for the computer to be hacked.